got life insurance? think again . . .

realitinya, ramai yg sedar rgarding the issues on income & asset protection,

eg :

– how 5% of your income can be used to protect the balance of 95%.
– how buying a term life policy is the cheapest way to get high coverage
  with the lowest amount of premium
– how crucial it is to own a medical card these days
– how insurance should replace your monthly income to cover major expenses

BUT… sometimes it takes too long for some people to decide on what type of policy
they should take to the extent that :

– the prospect has to face budget contraints
– there are just too many options out there making it hard to decide i.e. in the end
   what actually happens is nothing
– the prospect is no longer insurable
– its just too late (illness/accident/death)

to me, it does not matter who or which company provides your personal life insurance as long as your basic needs are fulfilled.

when entering this business bout 4 yrs ago, just the thought of telling prospects that
“you better sign up NOW, or it might be too late!” was to me, a very2 old sales pitch.

that is until, later i found out how the hard way how very2 sad it is to tell your close friend who needs RM 100,000 for chemotherapy that he’s no longer insurable. there was also the time when another friend had agreed to sign up without much question, but had to postpone the appointment whereby in the end i met him in the GH due to a major operation. so on & so forth…

but that was not as bad druing the time a prospect met an accident on his way to the office & passed away, leaving behind a 6 month old baby. the wife was unemployed, so both grandparents were fighting over the custody of the baby.

there are of course the joyful moments in this career. that is when you send a claim cheque to a client who just spent a big chunk of his life savings for an operation/treatment OR when i deliver a maturity cheque that’ll pay for some kids education OR when i give my clients a piece of mind with a GL when they are warded in the hospital.

yup, this story goes on & on & on… but the point is, get SOME if not ALL the coverage that you SHOULD have … & even if you signed up to 10 policies, call up your agent & make a full summary for all your policies, coz chances are, you might not be aware of what you are paying for ….


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