Eating out? beware…

As I entered the office last Friday, my PA was shouting out for me, telling me to call back one of my clients. It was a 'major emergency' she said. Of course, i still had to keep my 'cool'. But my heart was racing anyway coz a million possibilities were rushing thru my mind as i picked up the fone & dialled my client's number.

He was already in the hospital, along with one of his children. A case of food poisoning he said & those of you who live up north or anywahere for that matter… beware of the 'mee udang' or any other dish actually (coz many mee udang sellers would be chasing after me .. hehehe) as the main factor would be the clenliness & procedure of cooking to ensure that you get clean & quality food.

To cut short, my client was hospitalized for 2 nights & he called to ask my advice since he wanted to saty in the same room with his child so that logistically, it would be easy for his wife to monitor the both of them. i made the necessary & allowable arrangements with the hospital immediately. he was actually on holiday during this incident… what a way to spend your holidays !!!

the doctor's diagnosis ? – vomiting, diarreha & abdominal pains : result of food poisoning.

In 1999 alone, based on international statistics, there were 50billion meals served in restaurants !!! please read the following article :


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