Book Reviews

According to a 2001 survey, the average Malaysian reads less than 2 books a YEAR !!!

Hmm… sounds like the the majority of the public but then again I’m sure if you are reading my blog, you are way above average ! (hope this doesn’t sound like i’m kissing up to my readers, hahaha!) 

Anyway, I do read & yes, more than 2 books a year. With work and all, at the moment I’m only able to do 2 books a month (average 200 pages – yeah, balme it on too much work at the office …). On top of that, I read many-many online articles of reviews on new gadgets/technologies, on cars, on politics, business, the economy but i’m not too big a fan of information regarding sports though. 

Currently, I’m reading Azizi Ali’s mXe.. (if only he would pay me to wirte this, haha!) but honestly, i’ve found he has his own personal style of writing (that’s why i own all his books!)

I must say & its no wonder why his books are bestsellers! And I guess that’s what the present breed of readers are hugry for, information in books that is conveyed on personal experience & many-many true life examples, not just based on theory per say.

When I was studying in school, I was more interested in novels (hmmm, my chemistry, physics & biology teachers knew of this & they were not too happy about it.. hehe) & also read the Reader’s Digest for exams purpose (& yes it did pay off!). Among my favourite authors :

  1. Sidney Sheldon
  2. Danielle Steel
  3. Enid Blyton
  4. Micheal Critchton
  5. Stephen King
  6. J.K. Rowling
  7. Jules Verne
  8. & of course Azizi Ali, the Millionare’s coach

Need a recommendation of what to read? The link below might help you keep track of what’s hot & new in the bestseller’s arena :

3 Responses to “Book Reviews”
  1. New Yorker says:

    Dr Naz,

    You are right , when you visited those commercial type book store , the PMR ,SPM ,UPSR section are the most visited area . Beside this , stationery and refernce area are the next area for them to room around , it is totaly diference , when I hang around Border book shop in New York or the Book shop at down town of London !

    This is , may be, conincidence with some many 12 A , 13 A , 14 A or evn 15 A students in Malaysia . But with so many high flyer ,we should have produce a one or two nobel price winner ( ? ) , or at least some researcher came out with a paper whom rock the world !

    I also observe a lot of top scorer did not realy perform that good at the undergarduate class , this is same likes those student from China mainland , very hard working , but 100 % rigid .

    May be, there are somethings wrong with our university entrance test or selection process.

    New Yorker

  2. kartini says:

    Dr Naz,

    It’s sad though… I kinda wonder why? Where are we heading if we’re not reading. I mean how many of us is so rich that you could afford to experience everything yourselve. To me reading is the eye to almost everything… currently reading has becomes and always be my number 1 fav. I’ve read anything from entertainment to philosophy.

    I read almost 1,000 pages a month. Hard to believe huh! But that is how it is… I just kept on hungry for more… Well, parrt of it because I do research may be but I enjoy it. I fumble (all the time) into more grey areas than I thought I knew while reading…

    Now I’m venturing into writing. Kinda dream of publishing something of myown… can’t imagine how it would feel having a cover with my name there. I’ve written on non-fiction… yeah, serious management writing all the time and got published. Now I’m writing my first fiction. The challenge is writing them in Bahasa Malaysia – Guess what? I wasn’t easy as writing non-fiction the world style is difficult. But I’m not giving up….

    Wish me luck! Would you be reading mine if I forward to you my to-be manuscript?

    Thanks… Chow!

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