Brooches galore…

My mum came to KL yesterday, so I thought I might as well bring her to this one shop that the girls at the office have been talking about. My mum rarely buys stuff, but when she buys, she’s make sure its worth it. & lately, she’s been pestering me to bring her to a shop where there is a large selection to choose from.

Located on the 1st floor of Semua House in Masjid India, Olex Trading is a must for all you women out there who are crazy about Korean stones on brooches, bangles & the like. The shop looks small on the outside but its really huge when you step in with thousands of glittering, gelaming, shining stones that’ll make your mouth drool… hehehe!

Suprisingly, it was already 6.38pm when we arrived in front of the shop. The roller shutter was half closed but I knew we just had to get in (or else my mum would have my head fro dragging her all the way to Jln TAR on a sturday evening). Since we saw that a few customers were still inside, i told my mum the only way in was to dodge under the roller shutter, which we did manage to do (ouch, my back is still in a bit of pain !!!). To my suprise, the shop was very-very big (for a shop selling only brooches etc.)

And to our suprise, there were about a dozen other last minute shoppers who were already inside making their final purchase. To make it worthwile, my mum bought half a dozen brooches (one for everyday of the week i guess… hmmm women!).

A note for the guys… there are hundreds of butang baju melayus for you to choose from ranging from RM 20 up to hundreds of ringgit for a set of 5. I personally recommend you this place & no… they are not paying me to write this. $$$


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