Synchrozing your Insurance & Road Tax dates

I usually get calls in the middle of dinner regarding this issue. Very simple to address actually. Eg of the problems that people normally face :

Insurance expires on 24th Aug 2006 but the vehicle’s roadtax expires earlier, i.e. 20th June 2006. Like it or not, the insurance has got to be renewed or more consequences will prevail. But the question is, how can these 2 items be synchronized? Simple.

We make an ‘extension’ whereby the insurance policy can be extended up to a max of 6 months, i.e. in this case up to 24th Feb 2007. But we only need it up to the 20th of December 2006 (to qualify for 6 months roadtax). After that, all is synchronized & you can go back to the normal 1 yr radtax & insurance.

The above situation usually happens when :

  1. you bought a used vehicle
  2. you refinance your vehicle loan
  3. you transfer/change ownership of a vehicle (father to son etc.)

Hope this info helps. Lazy to go to the bank/finance/insurance co & go thru all the hassel? Just give me a call & I’ll drop by your house/office & deliver the service right to your doorstep. most of my neighbours do.. 🙂


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