Washing your car at home …

Hmmm… sounds familliar? But most of the time, we’re more enthsiastic during that moment of purchasing all the eqiuptment i.e. sponges, car shampoo, wax, tyre gel, rims cleaner etc.

So, my friends ask me, if they are just to lazy to wash (hmm, sounds fimiliar too, doesn’t it?) their car on their own at home, what would i recommend?

At the moment, 1 place which is different from the rest is Carnauba AutoSpa (& again, no, they are not paying me for my personal recommendation..). What’s so different? To make the illustration better, just visit their web & you shall know :


But again, washing at home is good for sweating it out & you get to meet all the scratches on your car in person. Apart from that, its cheaper to wash at home, although the wax job is sometimes just too tiring & looks better when its done by the pros.

About car care products, McGuire’s is a good choice with a very wide range of items but any car shampoo will do as long as its not the same detergent that you dump into the washing machine… hehehe!

One Response to “Washing your car at home …”
  1. afza says:

    huhuhu.. pampering ur car to the max…

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