SDARA Annual Dinner 2006

Date     : 24th June 2006
Time     : 8.30 PM
Venue   : Taman Warisan Pertanian Putrajaya


What an event !!! with about 1000 people who attended this function last night, things were absolutely fantastic & outrageous !

To me, what made it memorable was seeing the faces of ex teachers and ex students of Sekolah Dato’ Abdul Razak all under one roof. And being the SDARians that we’ll always be, there was never a sigle moment without laughter & shouts of joy in the air.

I’ve only been out of school for 10 years (back in 1996) but there were those who came from the very 1st bacth.. meaning they were in SDAR since the school was 1st opened! that was almost 50 years ago!!!

It’s no wonder that there was one chap who was a fiver in the late 60’s that couldn’t recall the names of any of his table mates though all of them knew and remembered him (we were seated in batches – the year we came out of school). Memory lapse? Well, I’d be too if I had not seen my ex dorm/classmate for the past 40 YEARS or so.. hahaha!

Like any alumni dinner, I don’t think the majority were there for the food but mainly to meet old friends, seniors & juniors who some of them have never even met since the day they left school (of course, during our school days, even a cream cracker in the middle of the night tasted better than Pringles does today!)

I met some seniors who still remembered me. The last time we saw each other was almost 15 years ago (they were in form 5 when i was in form 1). But this time around, everyone was more matured, well behaved & were rising stars in their respective careers.

And also like many alumni’s, it was a mixture of young and old (old in age but forever young at heart coz yesterday’s event made everybody feel like they were 17 again… hahaha!), working & retired, corporate & government, businessmen & professionals, generalists & specialists. I’d say we have a member in every field/profession you could think of so that alone, creates an interesting platform for sharing & exchanging ideas/experience in the long run.

A memorable moment for me was when some ex teachers & staff came to shake my hand & say “thank you for arranging & designing our attire for tonight”.

Well, i can’t take all the credit though coz the batik was partially sponsored by all the alumni members who attended the dinner as a gesture of thanks to all our ex teachers coz we are what we are today because of you. “Terima kasih Cikgu, terima kasih.”

And the batik itself was designed by my ex classmate, ‘Barry’ who today owns a batik business based in KL & is a shareholder of a batik factory in Pengkalan Chepa, Kelantan. You can view the design on my flickr page. For this entire project, I’m merely the appointed project manager on behlaf of SDARA. My main duty is to market this merchandise & deliver it to all xSDARians accross the globe.

There were also teachers and some old friends who i haven’t seen for some time asking me this same familiar question.. “so, u still in the insurance business?” hmmm…. i kept asking myself, “am i in the wrong industry?” hahaha!

I hope not & YES, of course I’m still with AIA after almost 5 years (in insurance agent years… thats quite long)

If only they’d pop the other questions such as : ” naz, I need to insure my house/car/kids etc… could you drop by my office & advise …. etc etc etc.” OR
” bro, my father just gave me RM 1 mil but i don’t know how to manage this money…”

Of course it does happen but most of the time, the former question superceeds the latter. 1 to a million. hahaha! maybe after my 10th year in the business they’ll finally consider my prvious proposals. hahaha! just joking guys!

Finally, I’d like to say thank you to all the comittee members of the SDARA Annual Dinner 2006. It was a pleasure working with all of you for the past half year. As one of the youngest comittee members (remember, the rest are young too… but mainly at heart, hehe!) it was an interesting exposure & also a very valuble experience in hosting this memorable event.

See you all at our Jubli Emas next year !!!

One Response to “SDARA Annual Dinner 2006”
  1. Wira says:

    thanks for all that you’ve done, bro! nice flow of sentences here too.. don’t forget we’ve gotta meet up and get the merchandise for hand-delivery export sorted out.. hehe..

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