SDARA Official Tie SOLD OUT !!!

After almost 3 months in the market, this tie has sold 300 pieces around the globe, accross all 5 continents.

It was such a suprise to me that it was sold out during last night’s dinner !!!

We were already starting to take additional orders when a few excited SDARA members came up & said that they were even willing to purchase the last one (on display with a thousand fingerprints all over) but of course, I didn’t want want anyone to buy a masterpiece 2nd hand.

Produced on ‘blazing silk’ (it’s chemical silk, so there’s nothing to worry because even JAKIM is using this material with the same manufacturer), the SDARA official tie is flown in directly from Korea through a local designer based in KL.

More pics are available on my flickr page.

For those ex SDARians who still don’t have one, get yours today ! The next batch is due for arrival in mid July 2006.

One Response to “SDARA Official Tie SOLD OUT !!!”
  1. Wira says:

    yay!! that’s the spirit, SDARians (though i thought we hated wearing neckties during those days in SDAR).. but wait a minute, Naz.. do we have enough for export before the 4th of July ni? karang kot ada extra orders..

  2. drnaz says:

    Yes Wira. I have set aside some extra ties for your mission to Europe.

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