Collars with Style

Hmmm… what collar? Its that hard piece of your shirt that goes around your neck !

So many styles, so many options. The angle, the length, the cutting, the edge, the buttons, the curve etc.

The other 2 hard pieces around your wrist are your cuffs. This collar issue came to attention during the last visit to my tailor a few weeks back.

All I wanted was a simple shirt, but then again, since I was curious (more or less not to the favour of my tailor coz this meant he had more work to do in the details, hahaha! – that’s what I pay him for anyway) of what types of collars there were available, I found this useful & informative site :

I hope by visiting the above link, you’ll discover somthing new regarding the many  styles & options of making a shirt eg: cuffs, collars, buttons, cufflinks, tux, gems etc.

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