Doctor ???

You may all be wondering .. why ‘drNaz’ ???

Well, as you can see, there’s no ‘.’ after the dr, meaning I’m not a medical doctor. Nor do I hold a PhD (not yet for now…. hehe!). So, I don’t want those of you who visit my web to get the notion that I’m one of those online wannabe doctors… That is a very very serious offence & totally against the law!

Its merely a nickname some of my schoolmates/university friends used to / call me i.e. dr.naz or doc or whateva. Mainly because I used to be an expert (a very subjective term) at repairing PCs & was also interested in general knowledge (which is currently quite rusty to begin with).

So i just put it as ‘dr’ whereby ‘d’ = dynamic & ‘r’ = resources … in correlation with this site’s tagline : “your personal provider of resources”.

I hope this clarify’s everything & since my younger bro is a REAL medical doctor (currently started his specialist course in radiology), I usually refer to him & several close friends/clients in the medical field regarding any health issues that I may need an opinion on. They are of course, the actual pros in the complex field of modern medical science…


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