Nicknames anyone ???

I just happened to pop by my friend’s blog (Zulkifli) : 

It never amused me to have a circle of networks and colleagues having high variety of nick names, as we were so used to it ever since in high school, until one day when I made some phone calls to some old friends from high school I could hear some ridiculous gigglings behind me.

It was the wife.

“What’s so funny?”, I asked in confusion.

“Hmm.. I never know you have friends with such nick names.”

“What nick names?”

Then it came down on me that I have friends who have really, really unique and special nick names. How unique and how special?

Let’s list down some of them. I just realize that I am yet to understand some of the meanings of the nicks.

  • Poen – some body part, should I tell you?

  • Juborg – another part of body

  • Buyong – large water container

  • Cipet – More body part…

  • Llama (good old mate!) – some mammal residing in desert

  • ET – no need introduction

  • Posto – despatch/posmen

  • Pudu – puduraya?

  • Moondog – care to explain?

  • G.I – not sure, maybe some sort of hair cut or stgh

  • Gobok – wardrobe (gerobok)

  • Ampaian – hangar

  • Ultraman – superhero

  • Epon – dunno, really

  • Corky – remember Life Goes On?

  • Balok – If ‘balak’ means boyfriend, ‘balok’ could be a gigolo

  • Gorgom – Ultraman’s nemesis

  • Pop Soda – Some drink

  • Paipon – not sure

  • Papulut – some food maybe (Pulut)

  • Chepox – could be a combination of chicken + pox

  • Banok – could be Balok’s best mate

  • Bush – but I can tell you he doesn’t have any resemblence with Mr Bush

Can’t think of other at the moment. Some of them were close to me but I have not met for so long, and I miss them…

& I’d like to add some of those I’ve personally recalled in my mind :

  • Ama         : Sounds like ‘ammah’ (servant)
  • Buruk      : Ugly (but today, he’s an MD of a company)
  • Cipan       : erm..not so nice meaning, but sounds quite notty
  • Atuk        : an old man?
  • Computer : if I’m not mistaken, this guy already holds a PhD
  • Ibab         : spell it backwords & you shall know
  • Bohjan     : erm… happens to be related to me
  • Monggek  : a description of someone’s behind
  • Capang    : for your ears only
  • Kambing   : the animal known to be afraid of water
  • Zulu         : an African tribe?
  • Chicken    : resemblence of ayam, also with 2 legs but smarter
  • Bintang    : yup, the so called ‘star’ on the football field
  • Yak          : an immediate ‘relative’ of Llama
  • Mush        : rhymes with Bush but not blood related
  • Sifu          : master of video games
  • Katik        : he was a big guy… maybe another part was puny!!
  • Manje       : erm.. no comment
  • Nyamuk    : ememy of ridsect
  • Fish          : sounds/smells funny…

If you aren’t listed, key in NOW !!!

3 Responses to “Nicknames anyone ???”
  1. ceprz says:

    Odeng – favourite teacher
    Bodeng – a friend, not so favorite

  2. New Yorker says:

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    New Yorker

  3. shrl says:

    mach-tet –aunty wit big ‘body part’
    pach-nek –the aunty’s husband…donno anything bout his body part…hahaha!!!

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