16 flats in less than 5km ???

Yup. Thats a fact folks. I counted it myself on the way to work last thursday on the PLUS highway right after the Sg Besi toll plaza !!!

If it was a few motorcycles, fine.. that might just be genuine. But not 16 in a row !!!

And as always, there just happened to be some others stopping by and ‘offering’ their services to replace the flat for high sky prices.

If those irresponsible people who caused the flat tyres to happen in the 1st place were to be caught, I’m sure that they’ll be beaten up very very very badly by the public !!!

So, PLEASE… be considerate & stop all this irresponsible behaviour. 

3 Responses to “16 flats in less than 5km ???”
  1. afza says:

    r u sure those who help were the culprits? i have friends rides to office who always have spare tubes with them for emergencies. usually the tubes were used to help others.

  2. ceprz says:

    afza, only few people are as good as your friends (bless them)… the rest are opportunists & culprits

  3. drnaz says:

    agreed ceprz.

    there are those who are genuinely helpful. but the majority are just rip offs. just wish there were more people like afza’s friends…

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