Video Review: Andrew Goh – Being A Top Agency

There were so many points after I finished watching this 1hr 15 mins informative & motivational video.

But I’d like to highlight a point which I think is important.

Q : Why do people procastinate or don’t buy life insurance at all ?

A : There’s the genuine budget contraint, need for more time to
     shop around and other valid reasons. Valid reasons might
     also include bad experience from previous agents.
     BUT, according to Dr. Goh, people also procastinate
     due to having a CLOSED mind when being presented
     with a proposal or idea in terms of life insurance.
     Not only do they have a closed mind,
     they’ve ‘locked’ their mind THROWN away the ‘key’!  
     Wow! how’s that for professionals ?! hahaha!        

     So, normally trying to be nice and not too pushy
     (like yours truly, ehm ehm..), the agent usually has
     doubts or is no longer interested to search for
     that ‘key’ & open up the prospect’s mind.    

     The agent therefore moves on in search of other prospects,
     hopefully with an open mind, thus leaving the
     ‘not so interested buyer’ to the consequences of
     not being insured…

One Response to “Video Review: Andrew Goh – Being A Top Agency”
  1. Izzat says:

    yeah dude, i had a bad experience with a potential agent…

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