100+ HITS

Its now 12:23 AM, 18th Aug 2006.

Yesterday was another milestone for drnaz.net as we hit the 100 visitors per day mark.

I just came back from setting up my neighbour’s streamyx account, took care of his pc’s sound problem & when all was almost well, a virus broke loose. The PC kept restarting ‘automatically’… & I must thank Sir Kamal for confirming this thru his SMS which read “virus”.

I must’ve sent him at least 3 sentences to illustrate the PC’s situation & with pure engineering ‘style’, he diagnosed in it one word. WOW ! the art of modern engineering! hehe…

Anyway, as Arnold susah-nak-eja once said in one of his movies “I’ll be back” – hopefully by tomorrow night to ‘kill’ those hardcore viruses. And with that, my neighbour & I adjoured to the nearby restaurant (restoran pak ngah – Taman Bangi Perdana) for soup, kerang rebus & some keropok.

Once again, thank you to everyone who until today have been following this blog. Should you have any ideas/suggestions, kindly email me at drnaz926@gmail.com 

Good nite ya’ll. c u tomorrow…

2 Responses to “100+ HITS”
  1. supersomething says:

    virus? brontok kah?

  2. shrl says:

    mcmn x dpt 100 visit per day??tetiap ari ko emel suh aku tgk web ko ni…cet!!but anyway, thats what they call promotion la kan…haha!!enjoy life!

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