Arts or Science ?


A long debate in our local education system. Both are important but since there is an overflow in the arts courses, there was the well known 60/40 guideline.

The aim was to make sure that 60% of new undergrads did science & 40% did arts. The reality today? I don’t really know as I do not have the exact statistics.

What people argued about was that some of those who were making the guidelines & promoting students to take up science courses at the undergrad level were from the Arts themselves. This proves Yuzairy’s statement “An engineer can be a good businessman but a businessman will never be an engineer”.

What’s even worse, if you read my article about the insufficent ratio of doctors in our hospitals, some students who are so interested & have been dreaming of studying medicine in the end FAIL to get a place. To a certain extreme, some just missed by 0.1 in their CGPA. I know of a girl who got a 3.8 CGPA but yet failed to get into medicine.

Well, should we just wait & watch or simply spend more & more time to do more ‘research’ ???

One Response to “Arts or Science ?”
  1. Yuzairy says:

    It doesn’t matter Arts or Science. Sure we need to push more bodies into Science to sustain our K-Economy policies but IMHO the Arts:Science ratio should not be cast in stone. It should be based on supply (employer vacancies) and demand (student interest).

    Like ceprz mentioned before, newly grads churned out from our universities often lack basic business skills. We all work towards company’s bottomline so each and every employee, arts or science, need to act like business owners.

    Ceprz knows this better but as I see it, if you are preselected to attend an interview, you have already passed the grade as far as qualifications are concerned. The only thing that separates success and failure is your soft skills. Communication, mindset, leadership, decision making, business awareness sounds SOO Arts stuff, but face it engineers-to-be, you’ll need them more that you think.

    So I guess the flaw is in the education system itself.
    My proposal:
    1. Ekonomi Asas to be made mandatory for secondary school. Make Add Maths optional
    2. Finance for Non-Finance to be taught to Science students in universities
    3. Instead of submitting technical reports, make the students present it.
    4. Closer integration between Arts and Science in universities. For example, run a competition (like Apprentice maybe?) where Arts and Science team up together. Set up a mock engineering company and make it profitable. Invite industry players to sponsor. They are more than happy, trust me. Or make it as a University Challenge.. UNITEN Co. vs UM Co. .. this is interesting 🙂

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