from RM15 to RM 104,000

Ainul was so happy to show me the cheque she received yesterday from our claims department. It was for the family of one of her clients who worked in a resort on the island of Langkawi.

That cheque will now provide food, shelter, education & many-many things that her client would have provided for his family & children. The only thing is Ainul’s client is no longer around. He passed away in a motorcycle accident last month on the way back from work.

This was just a small Personal Accident policy for RM 15 a month & eventhough to some people, RM 104,000 is the amount of money they’d spend on a wedding gown (ehm ehm), this amount of money, to others, means the whole world as their entire future & very existence depends on it.

Ainul and 3 other agents along with our head of department will be flying off to Langkawi to present the cheque in person. Not all the staff of this particular island resort are insured under this program as its voluntary but since this accident happened, many more have signed up. What’s RM15 per month anyway? 2 packs of Dunhill (3 if you were on the island, but my friends who smoke say the Dunhill in Langkawi tastes a lot different); a personal pan pizza; a hotlink reload cupon; a pair of socks or 3…

Once the the cheque is presented, I’ll update all of you with pics included.


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