‘Lepas Geram’ on ERA

I listened to this slot on my way to the office this morning.

One lady caller was very very very angry about negative reports on a new artist who had just won 1st place on a local TV reality show. I’m sure some of you heard this slot on air too.

Anyway, she was really unsatisfied with the way reporters/bloggers were writing on the Net pertaining to the her beloved new artist. She said that it was unfair to write all these negative comments & compare him to his predecessor.

Well, being an artist or celebrity, one shall always be exposed to this kind of environment. It could be for better or for worse but that is the actual price that has to be paid the moment you embark on the frontiers of fame & fortune.

2 Responses to “‘Lepas Geram’ on ERA”
  1. not yet dato' -k- says:

    “say wrong, dont say also wrong” (cakap salah, tak cakap pun salah). hahahaha… actually i felt pity for that artist. after all she is a nice person. remember once there was her picture circulating in the net with her “boyfriend”. all her mum said it was a gesture of love and affection.

    this comes from a gesture of two unmarried posing like a married couple!!! sooo, it is no surprise if she promotes “cultural pollution”. her own mother endorsed it, what!!!! (cant remember where i put those pictures). i hhave read somewhere before; a study was done on troublesome teeneager (arent they supposed to be troublesome..? ) anyway, when they divided this group into two groups, i.e.; rich family and poor family. they found out for the troubled teeneagers whom fell in the rich family, the more advanced career-wise mothers they are, the worse troublesome kid they produce…. take that!!!!!! this ranges from taking drugs, remp-it, stealing, xxxparties and so on. so guys with career minded wives, be warned.

    jeng jeng jeng

  2. ceprz says:

    kadz, i think naz is referring to different artist

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