Gone were the days when …

  • you had to bring a whole box of 1.44MB diskettes just to save powerpoint files for a certain lecture
  • you were playing a few levels of a pc game and had to open the floppy drive to “insert Disk #2”
  • you had to insert the diskette labled ‘DOS’ before you could insert any other diskette
  • you used to have a hard time using the arrow keys on the keyboard because someone just spent the whole night playing ‘streetfighter’
  • you play a game up to the last level just to find out that the final diskette that you were required to insert came up with an “error” or “failed to read” message
  • you use ‘drivespace’ to compress the files already on your HDD so you’d have more space to stuff in more junk
  • ‘alphos’,’raptor’,’F117′,’simcity’ or ‘test drive’ was the coolest game around
  • you arrive at the computer lab on campus showing off your new 16MB thumbdrive
  • formatting a HDD took more than 20 different CDs
  • you were the most hightech kid on the block because your PC had a Pentium MMX 200MHz CPU with 32MB of SDRAM & a 3.2 GB HDD
  • you used the ‘pack n go’ feature in ms powerpoint to save a 20MB presentation
  • an iPAQ with wireless features was a luxury
  • burning CDs at home was just a myth, & DVDs was something far beyond the horizon
  • wireless LAN, bluetooth, CD Writer, TFT LCD, USB, was optional features for a notebook that would cost you extra money
  • 1GB on a tiny SD card wad deemed as a fantasy
  • a Pentium II 400MHz CPU cost RM 2,450 for the chip alone
  • LCD screens were just for corporate organizations & not for use for home PCs
  • 400GB of storange would involve a RAID of 10 x 40GB HDDs
  • it was unthinkable to imagine that multitasking would require at least 1GB of RAM

The above transpired in a conversation last night with Kadz, Sir Kamal & Ariff. But to have this kind of conversation, all the people involved must have some basic knowledge & experience with the evolution of PCs…

Since each of us also had experience with troubleshooting PC poblems, here are some personal experiences :

  • there was this 40+ teacher who went for a course conducted by Sir Kamal. It was his 1st time with the PC. His problem? The cursor was stuck in the middle of the screen BUT his mouse was already pushed to the edge of the computer table. Just a bit more & the mouse would fall to the floor ! His solution? Using a book, he ‘extended’ the computer table & moved the mouse accross the book, thus he got the cursor to the desired position on screen! that is what i call pure creativity…
  • Ariff received a strange call from one of the staff when working at his previous office. His complain, “I seem to have a problem with the cup holder on my pc, could you please come & check?” To Ariff’s suprise, the CDROM or ‘cup holder’ failed to open.

Got your own experiences? Please share them with us.

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