KL – Bangi : 2hrs 17mins

A new movie? Naaaah!

Thats how long it took me to drive home from the office yesterday. Although I drove out at 5.30PM, right after the heavy downpour in KL, the jam just couldn’t have been worse.

Around 630PM (I had only reached somewhere in Sg Besi by then), a freind called (she was on her way home from KL to Seremban & had left the office at 5PM – 30 mins earlier than me) to say that she was still stuck near of Istana Negara on Lebuhraya Mahameru because traffic was at a standstill. Thank goodness I took the NPE! Or else, I’d be in the same mess.

After listening to reports in the radio, it was reported that flash floods had struck KL in several areas where the daily traffic flowed in the tens of thousands… Eg : Chan Sow Lin, TUDM, Kuchai Lama, Kelana Jaya etc. This was the major cause of the entire episode.

So, were any of you also caught in the jam yesterday? And, does anyone have any idea what measures are being taken to overcome this problem? Or are those responsible still in deep deep deep discussion…


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