Another appointment at Hospital Selayang

Yesterday my dad had a followup with the specialist. Standard procedure, register at 915am. Appointment at 1030am. Finished at the pharmacy by 1145am.

The duration with the specialist? Not even 10 mins! 

7 Responses to “Another appointment at Hospital Selayang”
  1. hmm.. typical eh? beratur panjang2. tunggu lama2. just for that 10 minutes session.

    i think we need more doctors willing to work for a respectively lower pay. what say you?
    hmm.. maybe increasing these doctors’ monthly gaji would be a better solution? is that even possible?

  2. gi says:

    I don’t want to defend the doc but actually it depends the on the situation of the doctor. maybe there were so many patient to see or maybe he had an operation awaiting for him. for me, patient is still number one and i wil try to make them satisfied. this comes from my 2 years experience running an orthopaedic clinic in district hospital

  3. drnaz says:

    Good comment Dr G.I.

    & I too do not blame the doctors nor the staff at our govt hospitals for the majortity of them are really dedicated to serve the public.

    If you refer to my prevoius article “the queue at govt hospitals”, you’d notice my disatisfaction of how our current education system limits the number of doctors that we produce every year. Some of those who are really frustrated just walk away & take up medic on their own overseas & remain to work there, even after they are qualified.

    This in turn reduces our local doctor per patient ratio, thus the queue will get longer and longer and longer…

  4. gi says:

    good comment nazir. and for your information to become a specialist is more difficult. and further more the salary for the specialist in govt hospital is much lower than in private sector. many of the spec will go to private where they can earn at least 10k a month. so you can imagine how’s the ratio for specialist per patient in govt. sec.

  5. drnaz says:

    10k? thats just the beginning. I know of a specialist who earns 100k per month. wow !

  6. Mama Hadi says:

    I bring my son to see hepa specialist once in 3 months at Selayang Hospital. Yes , it is a long wait to see the doc but what to do, govt hospital is more cheaper than private hospital further more my son still schooling in govt school and it is free. But through my experience the service in govt hospital is much more better than my time 15 years ago. I agree with drnaz about our education system.

  7. Mohan says:

    Maybe the answer to this problem is to introduce Natural/Alternative Medicine in standard healthcare.

    This would definitely reduce the spiralling healthcare cost through preventive medicine.

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