For non Highblooders

I was in Sabak Bernam last Saturday to visit my aunt. So, as usual, there would also be the usual visit to the market.

What’s special in Sabak Bernam? Well, the seafood is cheaper compared to KL & so is the cost of living. Not only are the fish here cheap but they are also fresh from the sea as well. Even nasi lemak only costs RM 1, its at least double that for the same amount & quality in KL.


I didn’t bring a camera with me to the market but I did have my ‘sexy’ V3 in my pocket. So, here’s some snapshots of the variety of ikan masin & belacan that were on sale at pasar Sabak Bernam (above pic). I did bring some back home but all this belacan & ikan masin is a big no no for all you highblooders out there!

No wonder Paklang & Maklang are both on medication… 

3 Responses to “For non Highblooders”
  1. Budi says:

    wow.. fish..

    and aku pulak.. sampai sekarang belum ambik tau macam mana nak place pictures in my blog.. still in the 20th century i’m afraid..

  2. mal says:


    bila mau seafood lagi bro…??? asyik steak je…. ahaks

  3. Izz says:

    seafood? count me in!

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