Cars : What the … ?


Another attachment in one of my emails today.

Sheeesh! The owner must really have money flowing from his ears to come up with this color scheme. The title of the pic? “How to ruin a Ferarri”.

But of course, art is very very subjective thus what is totally unacceptable to us might be a genuine masterpiece for others.

Anyone want to bid for this Testarossa? hehehe…

One Response to “Cars : What the … ?”
  1. sirkamal's de facto cousin says:

    Am assumming that maybe this car would be owned by a certain Mr Ah Beng cause them nice guys Mr Ah Beng are willing to go extra mile for their girls/wives/mistresses to have the car look as such, they dare to drive it much to everyone’s amusement, much to their girls/wives/mistresses admiration.

    Why do I have such an assumption?

    Cause I’ve seen the drivers of hello kitty cars (back home, down here, so far had only seen the cars with mini hello kitty stickers) and the drivers looks like every other macho beng but the one tagging along behind, would always be a female with hello kitty phone, hello kitty bag, hello kitty apparels sometimes.

    love is blind, as the quote goes.

    but i’d rather bid for a batmobile.

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