Satay Kajang : True or False?


I received a questionable forwarded email from a friend today.

It was a story about how this guy & his whole family went to have satay at one of Hj Samuri’s branches & after filling up their tummies, one of the family members saw injustice being done at the back of the outlet. Namely one of them saw the workers recycling the lidis & the kuah satay or gravy.

Oh come on man! With over 20 branches & being a national icon, how could this possibly happen? Yes its not impossible to be true but then again, if it was, I’m sure this chain of satay outlets would be closed by now. Not only that, I think if this was normal practice, the company would not have expanded from 5 to 500+ employess which they have now. Its not ‘just another food business’, but its worth millions! For a local startup, that is a real achievement.

So, I’m sure everyone gets this type of email everyday – full of slander, insult, malice, defamation & even sometimes character assasination. I remember unproven stories about KFC, Cofee Bean and many other food/outlets that made a lot of people confused and doubtful.

What do these irresponsible people want? What do they get from creating a bad name for others or is it just out of plain envy or jelousy?

If only the satay story was supported with a live video, then maybe we’d have some true facts to start doubts. But until that really happens, I’m confident that this business & many others are abiding to the rules & regulations of the local food/culinary industry.


3 Responses to “Satay Kajang : True or False?”
  1. i got the same e-mail. didn’t buy it. i don’t really believe in things people spread through the net. sometimes, there’s a hint of rationality and logic to it, but most of the time, they’re downright ridiculous.

  2. renza says:

    huh? the same old dirty strategy by a PhD (perasaan hasad dengki). the story doesn’t make any sense…recycling those thing at the gerai so that all the living things & human beings in the earth could possibly witness & spread the email of the ‘unethical doings’?

  3. digame says:

    Just two comments; 1) if really that happened, my question is how could Samuri be so stupid to allow his workers to be so honest with strangers- I mean if really that is his so-called ‘pelaris’ he wouldnt want it to be told to anybody! and 2) no offense though but anybody who sees such a practice by any food outlets should immediately inform the authority about it- I mean Malaysians nowadays are matured enough to bring forward such a news to national tv etc n’ not merely to the Internet! (UNLESS THE PERSON IS UNSURE WHAT HE HAD WITNESSED)…but having said that, I’m not totally discounting the possible truth in the email coz nowadays evrything is simply possible and why is it always told in the Internet, well different people handle truth differently! But I beg if someone did witness that sort of irresponsible act, come out n’ help inform the public about it!

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