RM 50,000,000 to promote reading habits


With reference to the an article titiled “TPM kecewa rakyat kurang membaca” in today’s Utusan Malaysia, it proves what I wrote previously a few months back regarding reading habits among Malaysians.

Again, in this article, it states that on average, Malaysians read 2 books a year. This was based on a study conducted last year. What is a bit depressing is the fact that many of us prefer to light reading such as magazines, novels, newspapers but leave out the more serious issues.

In RMK-9, the government has allocated RM 50 million to encourage & upgrade the public’s level of reading. My guess is that one main concern for heavy readers is whether or there might be a reduction in book prices or not. That remains to be seen but this price reduction issue was also highlighted by the Negeri Sembilan MB in his statement through the Star today.

For the full articles, please refer to the links below :



2 Responses to “RM 50,000,000 to promote reading habits”
  1. renza says:

    yeah..rite. 2 books a YEAR. what a crap habit. & for those who has forgotten, the 1st ayat to the Moslems is IQRA (bacalah..read!)…so how?

  2. Pepper says:

    It’s a sad thing to think that Malaysian read so little…maybe that explains why the human resource in Malaysia not that…Malaysian rarely think that reading books as a habit, as a way to improve their knowledge…Malaysian read for exams most of the time…once the exam done what they read before forgotten…

    2 books a year is sad…Malaysian need to read more…they need to change…and the books price should be reduce…rm 30++ for a novel? god…i have to manage my spending to get books…luckily they sell classics inexpensively…i wish this could be extended to other genre and types of books

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