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The address is at

It belongs to Dr. Hj. Yahya bin Othman. You can find his personal details & academic contributions from the link above but allow me to introduce the Dr. Yahya I know.

This Senior Lecturer from the Faculty of Educational Studies, UPM specialized in ‘Pengajian Bahasa Melayu Sebagai Bahasa Pertama’ for his 1st degree & holds a PhD in metacognition – what actually happens in one’s mind during the process of reading.

Starting out from humble beginnings as a Maths teacher back in the late 1970’s from the small town of Gemencheh, Negeri Sembilan, Dr. Yahya is not only a close realtive but has also been a friend who has achieved many goals in life that he himself did not envision more than 3 decades ago.

Being brought up in a family of 10 siblings in a FELDA settlement has taught him that life is tough and there were certain sacrifices that had to be made to ensure that he & his younger siblings received a decent education. One of his hobbies used to be playing the guitar but that had never deterred him from being the pious muslim that I’ve know him to be all my life.

A strict but jovial father of 5 & the author of 3 books, Dr. Yahya is known by his students as the lecturer who keeps his words (especially when it comes to rules & regulations in the lecture hall) & rewards students based on merit & their ability to perform in his classes. Among his collegues, he is known as a serious team player whose ideas & thoughts are based on a wide spectrum of the latest reading materials.

To date, Dr. Yahya has participated in numerous seminars & presented working papers at the university, national & international level. He also has experiece as being the coordinator for distance learning in the past several years. Contributing academic articles for journals & magazies published by DBP has become his second nature.

I believe that one day in the near future, he might even be awarded a professorship but we leave that for time & his personal efforts to tell.

I wish him, his students & his collegues the best of luck in persuing the new frontiers in their chosen field. May all their findings & contributions play a mojor role in the development of our future generation.

You can personally email Dr. Yahya at

For the record, the current visitors to his web at time of publishing is 1,676. 


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