C2210 serviced by engineers at Fujitsu Malaysia

No, it’s not a motorcycle license plate! It the model of my notebook which is now undergoing a major transplant for the LCD panel housing.

Since I had the hinges replaced earlier this year (close to where the crack on the LCD housing panel occured), Fujitsu agreed to waive the regular RM120 service charge. Thank goodness !

So,  thats why I’ve been offline for quite a while. The notebook will only be ready tomorrow but I do recommend Fujitsu. Yes its expensive but eventhough I’m using an obsolete model (3 years now), they don’t need 2 weeks to source out the spare parts like some other manufacturers (ehm ehm..)

Question : “If Fujitsu is so damn good, how can the LCD panel possibly crack?”

my Answer : I’m a hardcore user. 3 years is 365 x3 = 1,195 days.

On average, I open the LCD panel 3 times a day, so that comes to 3,585 times opening & closing the panel over a 3 year period. Not a bad life cycle I’d say…


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