Streamyx is ON !

Finally, after many many weeks in a game of ‘chasing the vendor’, I finally got my streamyx account! I must also acknowledge the intervention of some friends from TM.

Lets just put it this way, the vendor sent me a final sms stating “your application has been rejected, please go to the nearest TM Point outlet for clarification”. Do I look that stupid??! Especially when my close neighbours have streamyx running flawlessly in their homes …

So, the next best thing to do was to get on the phone with some old friends from TM &  explain the situation/get their personal advice. To my suprise, they clarified that there was no problem with my application, just that there was extra work that had to be done by the vendor/reseller but it looked like someone was just too lazy! (who me? no, the vendor lah!)

My friend from TM immediately got on the phone with the said vendor & all it took was a few sentences (maybe something like : “settle this new application or this will be the last sale you make”) & I got my account up in just 3 days!
So much for Streamyx resellers! But I must note that this is just one bad example – maybe very isolated even.

I’m sure many vendors/resellers/contractors out there really work hard to fulfill their customer’s requirements.


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