Open houses & diarrhea

Aidilfitri is a month long. When I was a kid, I remember that the occasional visits to relatives & friends houses was the main thing to do during those first several days of Raya. And since school was usually off for a week, that’s also how long the events lasted.

Today, in KL, its totally a different story. Opening your house is definately the way to go. Why? Its an easy one shot thingy after which you can then proceed to visit the others who were there to visit you. How is your weekend? Mine (like yours too I’m sure) is pretty packed.

Today alone, there are 6 invitations that need attendance. The logistical outlay is not as fantastic or fuel economical as I would like it (but mainly its the driving around that wears me out). At the rate of 6 houses per day, there should be no worries of breakfast, recess, lunch, tea, dinner & supper.

But then again…

Last night’s open house which seemed like 1 turned out into 3. Well, if you happen to know your neighbours personally, this is what happens because from one house, you just get sucked into the congregation & move to the next available open house on that particular night. So, it was dinner, dinner & supper.

There was one neighbour who seemed a bit quite last night. Knowing him, he’d usually be a lot more cheerful & vocal but after some catching up, I learnt that he had just gone through the classic diarrhea process via the ‘whole family’ package. He said that it was not as bad for him and his wife as it was for the kids because one of them had to be warded. This was serious & due to that, I only ate the minimum during those 3 houses last night – playing safe as some would call it.

Now, we can’t totally blame it on open houses. You might just catch diarrhea on the way home from work because you just could not resist stopping by the roadside to buy some delicacies for tea or maybe the place where you had lunch that day was ‘recycling’ the previous day’s leftovers.

Open house for the kids mean – ‘duit raya’, for teenagers – ‘the oppurtunity to go dating with free food or just a chance to get a closer look at the cute girl next door’, for students -‘eat all you want’ but as for adults – ‘to maintain that long term relationship between friends & family’.
At least in my opinion that is.

So, eat all you want but BEWARE of the capital D which stands for Diarrhea …


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