R.S.V.P. ?

Ever received an invitation card with those initials or just a plain RSVP? and you just reply anyway without thinking of what it really means but at the least you know that you need to give a reply.

This issue came up in a meeting with some freinds yesterday & it suprised me that not even one of them knew what RSVP stood for (well, like them & some of you too, I was also where they were many years back… hehe!) But one of them knew that the phrase had French origins.

To make it simple, RSVP is French for “Répondez s’il vous plaît”,  which in plain English translates into
“Respond please” or “Please reply”. This is a part of etiquette whereby the inviting party requires the recipient to reply within a speific time frame to ensure that there is enough seats/food/tables/gifts etc. for the said event.

You can read a more detailed article at http://people.howstuffworks.com/question450.htm

I hope that with this bit of info, you can now explain with style & knowledge to anyone you know who might still be wondering what on earth those letters stand for.

You can start with the person who sits next to you at the office.

Bonne chance !

One Response to “R.S.V.P. ?”
  1. Izzat says:

    kenapa kena guna french? kenapa tak taruk je, “please reply”. sebab R.S.V.P tuh stylo? hmm.. orang tak faham pun takpe, janji stylo.. gitu kot?

    lepas ni kita taruk S.J.S.M – “sila jawab secepat mungkin” hahahaha… tapi tak stylo lah…. hahahaha

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