Business Planning 2007

Yesterday was a very exciting session for me and 10 other consultants from our team. There were a lot of new things that we learnt from our leader & also our guest speaker from the HR Department.

It always suprises me that no matter how much you might think you know & no matter how many training sessions you’ve been through, there shall always be something new for you to learn, provided that you are in the correct state of mind.

One good point for me yesterday was to make sure that at the end of every day, to write down the main points that you have learned for that day. It need not be a new formula in physics or chemistry but maybe just one sentence that will eventually help you to grow further in life for the days ahead. Having it in your head & putting it into writing in a small book that youcan glance through are two different things.

Our group direction for 2007 is very clear. We will focus on two very basic but vital aspects of life insurance as a financial tool. They are :

1.  Income Protection
2.  Savings Protection

Under Income Protection, we will share with potential clients how life insurance can be used to protect your income for the rest of your life.

On the aspects of savings protection, we will share how life insurance can protect you from the losing yor hard earned money in the event of the unexpected.

You might ask, why are we heading in this direction? To simplify, a huge majority of the public know about life insurance but they lack the fundamental knowledge of how it can be used for these 2 very basic but important purposes. As an example, there is no point in a policy that will provide for your children’s education IF in the event you cannot work tomorrow (due to long term illness, hospitalization or permanent disability),  you will have to depend totally on your cash savings.

Sounds interesting? Well, this is as I said earlier, only the basics.

And to become financially stable, another basic rule is to use other peoples’ money to protect your risks/liabilities. i.e. through insurance.

For further info or if you want to book me for consultation, just send me an email.


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