Never take things for granted

I currently have about 70GB of data to back up on DVDs but my notebook does not have a DVD-RW drive.

The idea of buying an external drive has been boggling my mind for the past month or so, but then again the idea of purchsing an entire new notebook with 2GB & the latest state of the art specs have also been haunting me lately.

Solution? I’m lucky to have friends/relatives who own some of the latest notebooks with a DVD-RW drive. So why buy when you can just drop by their office/house to burn some DVDs which might not be of any use at the end of next year or so…

Off I went into the night to my uncle who lives 2.65KM away from my residence. The distance of his house was not as exciting as the fact that he had just been given a new Sony Vaio notebook which costed his employer almost RM8k.

So, to my assumption, with RM8k worth of hardware, the DVDRW drive must at least be 16x in speed. I was totally WRONG!

I found this out the hard way though. After it took the first DVD almost 20 mins to burn, it finally dawned on me that the DVDRW drive was actually a 4x.

The moral of this story? Don’t buy Sony?!

hahaha! Just a joke.

The real moral is, for what ever matter or issue at any time and place, never ever ever take things for granted because it might not only cost you extra time, money and energy but it might also put a big dent or totally wipe out your reputation.

2 Responses to “Never take things for granted”
  1. Izzat says:

    a latest vaio model having a 4x DVD burner? u must be kidding!

    my solution, buy a new notebook. haha. of course, that’s easier said than done when it’s not my money involved. haha.

    cheers mate! have fun burning 70GB of data onto 18 DVDs. that’s approx 360 minutes of burning time… deng…

  2. mak says:

    kok nak boli baru, jangan trade-in yang lamo……. anta yang lamo tu balik kampung.. nati yut bole guno

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