Goal Setting & Visualization

Last Saturday, I had the opportunity to attend a goal setting session for the upcoming 2007 financial year which begins tomorrow.

One very important point is that learning is a life long process. This means that those people who have a craving to absorb as much knowledge, experience & information are the ones who will succeed later in life. However, having these 2 things are not enough. Its what you do with it that will make a difference.

It is said that experience is not what happens to us in our daily lives but how we deal with it, learn from it & grow into a better human being that really matters.

In the line of business that I’m currently in, goal setting means facts & figures. This of course is compulsory as taxes & death but why stop there? Be creative about it & that is how our master trainer for this previous session last saturday suggested that we visualise in writing & graphics on what we would like to achive for 2007 & how it can be done.

As an example, lets say you would like to be the top performer of your company for next year. Imagine your picture on the headlines of a major newspaper or on the cover of a widely distributed magazine. Imagine the headlines. What you would say, how you would dress & also imagine who you would like to mention in your feature article that led to your success the entire year. Imagine your personal success secrets that you’d like to share with the readers.

After the imagination phase, put it in writing. Do a mock up using any desktop publishsing software such as MS Publisher, Photoshop or the likes & print it out in vivid color on an A3 paper. Have it framed & put it somewhere that you can look at everyday. This is for your personal use.

Once you get the feel & aura of it, the passion to work towards that goal should be 2nd nature. But it all begins with you.

Due to copyright reasons, its unfortunate that I can’t share with all of you my masterpiece but I’m sure the brief explanation above will give you at least some ideas on what I’m trying to explain.

Try it !

3 Responses to “Goal Setting & Visualization”
  1. Mentor says:

    Hey Nazir, this is a good piece. I am glad that you learn something from my session. Remember, it is not about how good you are, it’s about how good you want to be. Great piece!

  2. drnaz says:

    Thank you sifu ! U are an inspiration. Keep up the excellent work! customer delight…

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