My First 2 Weeks into the 2007 Financial Year

By May 2007, it will be my 5th year with AIA.

“Times make people change.” The major change that I want to make in this new financial year is to move to greater heights in life – in terms of personal finance, intelligence, social circle, spiritual content & other areas of improvement that makes one’s life better. I want to experience that so called ‘exponential growth’.

All of this is nice but in my line of business, to achieve it requires only one thing – to put the interest of my clients way before my own. This is actually what I have been doing in the past BUT the one factor that will make a difference, not only in my business but also other businesses in the services sector is to go that ‘extra mile’. The question posed before me & my collegues by our mentor is

Will you do whatever it takes to acheive your goals?

And each individual has different goals in life. And the phrase “whatever it takes” refers to any method which is NOT against the law. This means no shortcuts, no corners & definately not for the ‘professional conMan’. Not quite a piece of cake is it? But the thrill & adrenaline rush of sweating out your toil & tears is worth every minute of it!

The exhiliration of competition & seeing each one of my teammates at their best to be at the top of the list is very exciting! And if you think our mentor looks only at production figures WITHOUT that basic human element of fulfilling the client’s needs, you are totally wrong. She emphasizes on the importance of ‘customer delight’, of doing ‘what is best for the client’ and not ‘what is best for our own pockets’ – this is her style of getting things in order.

As Zig Ziglar once said, “You can get anything you want in life if you help enough people get what they want.”

This is the core value any successful business or organization relies on. With the right attitude, mindset, resources & vision, only the sky is the limit.

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