I promised some people that I’d write on my recent meetings with my latest clients & what I have learned from them so that others can also get some new input on life insurance & other human related issues. The team & I have also had the luxurious opportunity to fly to Langkawi for a 4 day business trip last weekend.

Lets begin with today, Friday, 15 Dec 2006.

The morning began with our team meeting at 9.30a.m. with the main speaker, our mentor & sifu, Pn. Muhaini. As part of formality, there was the usual update on production figures but what was more meaningful & fulfilling for the most of us was her sharing session on “Abundance”.

Whether you realized or not, there is abundance all around us & we should be grateful for what we already have BUT most of the time we just don’t realize all the blessings that have been bestowed upon us. Abundance here does not only refer to material things which money can buy.

Abundance or blessings can be in any shape and form. It can be in the form of your perfect health, it can be your outstanding intelligence, it can be your ability to see with your eyes (because not all people who have eyes can see), it can be a wonderful family relationship … well, I’m sure you get what i mean.

We were also given the insight on the 1 degree shift of mentality – from scarcity to abundance. Scarcity is the type of thinking which correlates with the Not Enough Effect (NEE) syndrome. The theory of scarcity says there is not enough to go around. In my opinion, this is no different than the human want or lust for greed.

But, as it is, this is the thinking of the majority, whereby alternatively, we should actually be thinking in abundance. For example, you should be asking yourself,

“What can I do MORE to help other people?”


“How can I improve my services to SERVE more people”

To go far in life, we must always FEEL positive (of course, it is sometimes easier said than done, especially on those trivial moments/issues..)

Dr . David Hawkins has done a research on “The Energy Level of Emotions” & how each emotion has a different energy level.

Every human being carries a certain level of energy. This can be seen when we are around other people. When a person is sad, we tend to feel with him the sadness. When another person happens to be jovial and telling jokes enthusiastically, we too can feel that laughter. When another person is angry, you can feel the heat of intensity… even through the phone. Ever notice that one person who has this kind of ‘aura’… who when you look at him or her, you get this shiver running through your spine? That is the energy I’m talking about.

Do you know? The heart is 5000 times stronger than the mind. That’s why sometimes feelings will beat logic. Example, you are being chased by a big dog which you know is capable of tearing you to pieces. You run to an alley where the only way out is over an 8 foot fence. With your own life at stake, you make that climb, which under any other situation would not be logic and probably insane (mainly because you are not athletic and weigh 100 kgs!).

The theory of abundance says there is plenty to share, that we must spread the wealth & understand what wealth really is.

Always remember this :

“The moment you are grateful, you are rich. If you are ALWAYS grateful, you are TRULY rich”.

THINK abundance thoughts, FEEL the abundance around you and eventually, abundance will FLOW into your life.

The balance of my afternoon yesterday was spent in a meeting room with another group of people where I did not learn anything worth sharing, so there is no point to write about that.

One Response to “Backtracking”
  1. Mentor says:


    This is indeed a powerful piece. You are truly amazing. I am truly impressed that you have absorbed all the learning and the details that I have delivered. The best part is you made an effort to share this concepts with the rest of the world out there. I want to promote your blog to the rest of my network. Great job, Nazir! Mentor is greatly impressed.

    May peace love and abundance flow into your life today.


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