Futsal Freaks

This is the term that my friend, IM, uses everytime to call up our futsal team for practice. Usually, the team plays every saturday night in SS14, PJ.

Now, the so called ‘team’ is made up of both regular & adhoc players. But its mainly for the purpose of fun & meeting up old pals from school. Its an ecxellent form of excercise & also more appealing to the younger generation Y, as the game does not rely on rain or shine or even the hour of the day as some futsal centres operate to the early hours past midnight. Well, at least that’s better compared to being a ‘rempit’ or ‘locked up’ in a cybercafe…

Yesterday, 23rd Dec 2006 was the testground for our team, not only to find out how we would fair against all the other teams in the entire SDAR Alumni Interbatch Futsal Tournament 2006, but also to test our skills as the event manager.

As the main intention of the event was to bring together as many alumni members as possible, I guess we did make a breakthrough since the total number of teams which participated in yesterday’s event was 32 instead of the previous 18. This was the largest tornament in terms of size to ever be held for SDARA. To make it even more memorable, the ‘otai’ category (they refused to be called veterans… ehm ehm) was made up of 10 teams, comprising of fivers from as early as those who left school in 1982.

We began with 6 courts at kickoff around 10.00am & finished off the finals at 4.30PM. The awards presentation was graced by the Deputy Chairman of SDARA, Samueil Kamiel.

Did my team (96A) win? Of course we did. We won all the way stright up until the semi-finals. But from that point onwards, our winning streak was handed over to the younger players of 98A & eventually they brought home the trophy. As for the ‘otai’ category, the ‘boys’ from 89A who looked so elegantly professional in their birght red ‘uniform’.

In conclusion, it was an extremely very good experience for the organizing comittee. As for the teams & supporters who came, I’m sure that fighting for the win was important but not as important & meaningful as the opportunity to have fun & share one whole day with some old friends from school.

One Response to “Futsal Freaks”
  1. Chris says:

    I totally agree with you, winning is not important, it’s a matter of getting together and having fun.

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