Christmas Holidays?

How did you celebrate yours? I’m not to referring the event of Christmas itself but what have you done today that would improve your quality of life.. i.e. knowledge? experience? finance? social? etc.

Its 2.50pm & my off day from the office today is entering its second half. It began with handwashing some of my shirts that I wear to the office. Yeah.., I know that you might be asking, why wash when you can just throw in the washing macine? Well, at RM 150 or more a piece (to me, thats a fortune to spend on shirts), I prefer to handwash them with ‘tender loving care’… haha! It also gives me a reason not to fall asleep after Subuh & get some ealy morning sunshine.

Around 11am, I dropped by a neighbour’s house to help out with his PC problems. Well actually, he does not personally use his PC that much but his kids do & they have been nagging him since last week since they haven’t been able to turn it ON. So, being an insurance agent, people not only seek me to transfer risks on grounds of insurable items but also transfer their personal problems… hahaha! So, with me taking care of the problem with his PC, my neighbour, eventually (like all you life insurance policy holders out there) end up with a piece of mind…

Want to know why the PC could not be turned on? Simple, one of the kids had just pushed the ‘ON’ button too hard & too far, so the clip inside gave way & all I had to do was glue it back again, but it had to be done with Super Glue (the brand with the elephant on the cover).

Simple? Well, not every household keeps a tube of Super Glue around. So, after dismantling all the major screws from the dekstop casing, removing the hard disk, dismantling major power & data cables that were in the way & at the same time making sure i did not unnessaraily disconnect any other cables that I would have no idea of where to reconnect later on…off I went to the nearby hardware shop (thank goodness they were open!)

The shopowner greeted me with “encik mau beli apa?” So I said, “itu Super Glue ada?” And she immediately directed me to the wall where there were 4 options hanging on the display racks, all with pictures of several ‘handsome’ elephants each! (Man! Who would have thought there were so many options to buy just Super Glue..?)

I asked her “Mana satu paling best?” & she said “ini kita ada offer, untuk 3 tiub RM 8 shj”.. in my mind i was thinking (hey lady! i ONLY need like a few dabs of glue to stick less than 2 milimeters of computer plastic together.. what would i do with 3 whole tubes?!) So, i calmly took the smallest tube available, drove back to my neighbour’s house & fixed the problem.

What would have been an easier but not so ethical option? Tell my neighbour that the desktop casing was done for do to some wiring problems & that it must be replaced with a new one costing just a bit over RM 100. How much did the glue cost? RM 1.50 only.

What did I learn today?

  1. When handling Super Glue (no matter how small the amount) be sure NOT to get even a small drop on your fingers/skin because you do not want to have to undergo surgery to separate sticking fingers (a bottle of thinner or kerosene & a pair of gloves would also come in handy)
  2. If you have no idea how to deal with the components (hardware) inside a desktop PC i.e. motherboard, wires, HDDs.. then do not try to be a ‘smart ass’ and create a bigger problem…
  3. When helping others find a solution for their problem, always put their interest before your own & find the best possible solution
One Response to “Christmas Holidays?”
  1. David Winsor says:

    imo christmas costs enough without the holiday and it is only worth it if you are either rich or going to see family in whitch case i would advice u spending less on presents if your going on holiday. most people like beeing at home more anyways. i certainly do =]

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