The right way to eat a banana

While having breakfast this morning, I just remembered that there is something I need to share with all of you that I had just found out very recently.

As the topic suggests, that is exactly what I want to share with you. Who was the person that shared this knowledge with me & the rest of the consulting team? None other than our beloved Sifu, Pn. M.

Normally, we’d just peel off the skin & shove it into our mouth. Simple, quick & easy right? Well, in some parts of the world, this might be considered as an obscene act. Why? Hmmm… just imagine the scene of as the tip of the banana enters your mouth for the first bite.. but imagine all of it happening in slow motion. Get the other ‘scene’ I’m trying to say here…  ehm ehm

Anyway, I found the link below to be very interesting with the proper details regarding this particular topic.

So, next time you wanna gobble up that banana, think again…

One Response to “The right way to eat a banana”
  1. Shafiq says:


    For me, banana is best in a fried form. ‘Goreng Pisang’ or ‘Pisang Goreng’.

    Crispy and crunchy. ‘Pisang Goreng Rangup’ in Taman Kosas is wallah!

    Come over.(After RAYA of course)

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