Staying Connected

Early this morning, while driving to the office, I got a call from my mother, a high school principle in the town of Gemencheh, Negeri Sembilan.

The school, Sekolah Menengah Dato’ Taha is famous for its achievements in hockey at the national level. She just called to ask my opinion on some issues & how to implement/address/improve them. As usual, I gave my 2 cents worth & I mentioned a fact that in order to keep your goals focused as a whole team, you must ALWAYS ’stay connected’.

This is one good lesson that I have learnt from my sifu, Pn. M. And as her deciple, I know that she is worth her words because she not only talks about these successful management practices but she personally does them as well.

Why do I say this? Because I am very sure that you have heard your superiors or motivational experts talking about ’staying connected’ with all levels of management, look into the ‘best interest of your staff’, build ’strong & healthy relationships’, be a ‘doer’ not a talker & bla bla bla…. but they just say that for the sake of looking good & smart where as in real fact, they themselves FAIL to practice these key management practices based on their own words.

Why does this happen? Maybe its due to too much theory and no hands on experience. Maybe its because of not enough exposure. Maybe its due to a lack of character or personality. Or maybe its just plain ego & ignorance.

Well, I’ll share with you one experience just to show how a simple gesture can keep you connected. Pn.M is currently away in USA. On Monday morning (25th Dec), she boarded her flight in KLIA bound for Taipeh. Her final destination was Phoenix, Arizona. The entire journey would include 5 major airports (KLIA, Taipeh, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Phoenix), 24 hours of travel time & a distance of 14,625.10 kilometers across 2 continents.

All along the way, she kept in touch with every member of our team & SMSed us as she reached every airport without fail. The moment she arrived at her place of accommodation in Arizona, she got online & chatted with us through the Internet. Was all this necessary? For the record, we are not even in her KRA!

Imagine how you would feel if your boss kept in touch with you every day while he was away on holiday in London? And every time he called, it was with the intention of being in your best interest to personally find out if there was any area which he could assist you with.

But all of it was done for one main reason. & that is she wants all of us to succeed. Her own passion & desire to build our (the team) personal credentials are so strong that she is willing to do ‘whatever it takes’ to assist each & everyone of us achieve our goals.

As Zig Ziglar always says, “If you help enough people get what they want, you will eventually get what you want in life”.

So, are you willing to do ‘whatever it takes’ to help others to get what they want? Think about it…

One Response to “Staying Connected”
  1. Mentor says:

    My Dear Nazir,

    This is a powerful piece to share with others. You really got that embedded in you about staying connected. Looking at your progress in business, I am truly impressed with your outstanding results. To be honest, I am so touched that you shared this piece with others. Most of all, it feels great to see that you have the ability to show empathy. That has been our latest major topic and you got it.

    Thanks for being a great learner. I am truly blessed to have you with me on this journey.

    Best regards from Phoenix, Arizona,

    1.39 a.m.
    December 28, 2006

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