Checkout counter @ Tesco Kajang

I was in Tesco Kajang this morning to buy some groceries & stuff.

I did not have many items on my list but the lady in front of me in queue did! Her total came to RM 119.23 so she handed over RM 120 to the cashier but it did not stop just there. Why is it that in these kinds of situations, women in particular (including my mum) just have to fiddle in their purses to find that extra 23 sen ??!

I mean, it’s not like the cashier does not have change. This is Tesco, not your local ‘kedai runcit’ (even these small shops have enough change these days). & while she was at it, it took like what seemed forever to find the last 3 sen at the same time delaying the other 13 others behind her (it took that long so i even had time to count!).

The cashier was nice though. In the end, my turn came & the total was RM 299.xx so, i just gave the cashier RM300 & waited for my change.

So, next time you are at any checkout counter & there are many people behind you waiting in line, don’t waste time & fiddle for that extra 3 sen as it would make life a lot easier for everyone.

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