Classic Home Care

What is it?

Basically, its just a name of the plan that we provide for house owners to insure their home contents. Why? Well, it will protect all the stuff in your house in the event of a burglary, flood and other unexpected events.

Based on my personal experience, many people know about fire insurance. But sometimes, that is all that is known.

Here is the good news! There is insurance coverage which is extended to floods (like the one that happened in the southern part of Malaysia recently), earthquakes, bursting of water tanks (usually this will flood your house and ruin your carpets), air crashes (for those of you who live near an airport) and many other additional benefits.

And guess what? It does not cost a fortune! But not having this form of protection for your house would! As an example, for a landed house the premium rate is roughly RM 116 per annum for every RM 100,000 sum assured. That comes only 32 sen per day! And 32 sen these days can’t even buy you a half boiled egg…

Why am I bringing this to your attention? Last week, there was a burglary at a house belonging to the parents of a very close friend in Seremban. The losses amounted to in excess of RM 20,000. Mainly, the thieves ran away with cash, jewelry and some other personal valuables. So it really struck me that I had never really highlighted the importance of this issue (insuring your home & its contents) to my clients & close friends.

So, if you have not done so, do email or give me a call for a quotation & some personal consultation on the checklist to protect your home sweet home.



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