Flooded Cars

My dad was on the phone with me earlier this evening.

He just called to asked a question regarding an incident that happened to one of my cousins down south in Johor. As you all know, there was a major flood that recently hit some of the southern states in peninsular Malaysia. Johor was one of them.

My cousin’s car was also a victim of this flood. It was fully submerged in water, thus major repairs are needed immediately to bring the car back to ‘life’. This if translated into RM could be in the thousands depending on what needs to be repaired / replaced.

Basically, there shall be some major work to flush out the engine block, to replace major mechanical parts that might have been spoilt due to water, to steam clean the entire interior fabric upholstery, to weld any body parts that might have rusted, to replace any wiring that might have later cause a short circuit & burn the car entirely etc.

So, back to my dad’s question. Does the insurance policy on this vehicle cover any costs incurred to repair the damage on this car due to the recent flood? I said it DEPENDS.

Why? Coverage due to floods (natural perils) are available BUT in general, based on my personal experience, people would even have the basic premium reduced to save a few bucks. So don’t even mention the extra charge for the windscreen, what more for floods! It’s also not that expensive (0.55% of the sum assured i.e. RM 5.50 for every RM 1,000).

So, the choice is again, YOURS…


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