10 Steps to achieving your GOALS

Yesterday, I attended one of our company’s Power Sales Workshop. The main speaker was Manmohan. The name might be foreign to you butin the local insurance arena, he happens to be a legend with 22 yearsof experience & one of our ‘ambassadors’.

He is an AIA Senior District Director & has attended more than 2 dozen international conventions. He has spoken all over the world & at almost every local insurance company in Malaysia.

Mohan is also a life Million Dollar Round Table member.

Whenever he shares his ideas, there is always something new to learn. Some of the main points in his speeches might seem like any other stuff that you could pick out from a book but the personal experiences & stories which he shares from his 22 year endeavor in the field of life insurance is absolutely priceless!

Here were some of the things I learned yesterday. The 10 steps :


1. WRITE it down

  • A goal that is not written down on paper is a goal that you will never see
  • The goals that you aim for must comply to the S.M.A.R.T. concept specific, measureable, achievable, realistic & within a certain time frame
  • Written goals are clear to see and will keep you focused consistently


  • Identify exactly “why” you want to achieve this goal
  • List out all the ways you will benefit personally


3. ANALYZE your current POSITION

  • Question yourself, do you have all the necessary requirements to close bigger deals ?
  • Success is very dependant on information, thus in order to seal the deal,you MUST be very knowledgeable & have all the proper skills to soar to greater heights
  • You must be excellent enough to be able to sell your product/idea/interview as the ability to “selling ice to Eskimos”
  • “If you have 8 hours to chop down a tree, spend 6 hours to sharpen your axe” because “REPETITION is the mother of all success”
    Have you ever wondered why is it always that in your company or organization or class
    that the guy who has been on top of the list ALWAYS makes it or tries to make it to the top of the list ever single year?
  • “The best competition to race with is with yourself”

4. Identify your OBTACLES & RISKS

  • List out everything that could possibly prevent you from achieving their goal
  • In the world of business, our obstacles might be public holidays since during these particular days, people will not be available for an appointment as they might be away with their families
  • Obstacles might also be in the form of rules & regulations whereby we must not try to be smart’ & operate above the law
  • Risks might refer to the price you might have to pay if you do not do or complete a task in the most suitable possible time, you could do it another day but by doing so, the risk might be a smaller profit


  • List out all of the things that you need to invest on, eg : time, money, energy
  • How much of each element are you willing to sacrifice?
  • There shall be no gains without pains thus “No Pain, No Gain”
  • As Jo Girard (the greatest salesman in the world) put it “stay out of the dope ring” as it might slow you down (a waste of time) & deter you from your goals
  • “If you ALWAYS DO what you’ve ALWAYS DONE, you will ALWAYS GET what you’ve ALWAYS GOT” so sacrifice when & where it is necessary

6. KNOWLEDGE Requirements

  • Identify what additional knowledge that you need to acquire or have access to that will help in achieving your goals
  • For every thing that you do, there must always be a logical reason behind it and to find that reason, you must have the proper knowledge on the matter

7. Support TEAM

  • Basically, this goes back to the phrase of “No Man is an island”
  • You MUST list the people, group & organization that you may need help from as well as the specific role that each one plays in your journey ofachieving your goals
  • You need your “toolbox” & it may consist of many many things, eg: if you want to catch big fish you need to go into the deep sea & if you want to go to the deep sea, you will definitely need a bigger boat, a larger crew & more sophisticated equipment
  • “A mount Everest goal will need to have a mount Everest TEAM”


  • List each activity & their corresponding target dates for your completion in chronological order
  • Use all the information that you have gathered in previous steps to develop your plan


  • When will you achieve a particular goal? (state the exact date)
  • In the past, what were the reasons that you did not achieve your goals?
  • Were they genuine reasons or merely excuses?


  • Qualify for every competition/benefit that your company throws (career advancements, loans, courses, trips, fringe benefits)
  • “Do not let anyone be in your way to achieving your dreams”
  • “A dream or goal that you do not fight for is a dream that will haunt you for the rest of your life”

One Response to “10 Steps to achieving your GOALS”
  1. Mentor says:

    Dear Nazir,

    It’s great that you are sharing what you have learned from Manmohan. I hope your team members are reading this so that eevryone of you will be on the same page. Perhaps you may want o send an email to Manmohan to thank him for sharing his insights and encourage him to read this as well. He will feel happy that a participant takes away the lesson and share his wisdom with others. This is truly an abundance attitude. Great job, Nazir.


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