iPAQ 5550

My 3 year old 2nd hand iPAQ which costed more then than what it costs today for an Acer Pentium 4 notebook shut down temporarily since last month. Ever since then, it has been a bit tough keeping organized.

After going through various online forums & trying several suggested solutions, it just dawned on me that there was a very high possibility that all would be well by just replacing the battery with a new one.

Since the model is obsolete, an immediate replacement for the battery is not as simple as tough as trying to find a 64MB EDO RAM chip. They are available but sometimes you have to wait a few weeks & stuff.

So, I logged in to lelong.com.my & by sheer luck, there is one guy by the name of Khok Wai who sells imported batteries for almost all makes & models of PDAs.

His ad page in lelong stated “call or SMS 24/7” so, at 1230am, i tried my luck SMSing him & all was set for us to meet up near Tropicana Golf & CC.

The transaction was smooth & fast & my PDA is now ALIVE!

You can call Khok Wai @ 016 4570547

One Response to “iPAQ 5550”
  1. mak says:

    padanlah takde bawak balik lagi………. Kok udah rosak? rupanya tidak

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