Is your HUSBAND insured?

This is for all you young wives out there…

In the event of your Hubby’s death or disability, say the insurance company pays you
RM 1 million. What would you do with all that money?

The logical thing to do would be to provide for the daily family expenses, food on the table, clothes, house expenses, children’s education etc.

That is why your hubby MUST have some form of life insurance. The more assets one owns, the bigger the need to protect them. Life insurance is just one of the cheapest tools but don’t simply purchase it without proper advice & doing an analysis of your current financial needs.

This particular client of mine has been with me for more than 4 years. From single, to engagement to marriage and now to a baby boy & 1 hubby. I did raise the question to her a few months after her wedding but she informed me that her hubby was adequately insured.

Just lately did she inform me that her hubby might be moving to another company & since his life insurance is provided by her hubby’s employer, they decided it was best that he get at least some amount of coverage. Moreover, they now have a child to take care of & should something happen to her hubby, a few hundred thousand extra Ringgit will surely be put to good use for their child’s future.

From time to time, there shall be bigger needs thus automatically there will be a need to increase the amount of life insurance but eventually, once all the dependants (the children) are on their own, the amount of life insurance can eventually be reduced depending on when the last child reaches the age of independence. Normally, being extremely nice hubbies & responsible fathers, they just leave the insurance as it is so that the entire family can provide even greater wealth for the following generations.

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