more on Home Insurance

I had an appointment in Taman Tun Dr Ismail this morning.

Just as I was about to leave, I promptly asked my client whether his house was insured or not (since it was a huge bungalow with lots of valuable/expensive items inside) & he told me that he himself was not sure. He told me that he had MRTA (mortgage reducing term assurance) & I explained to him that MRTA was meant to protect the house in the event of the owners’ sudden death, disability or illness.

But if the Home Insurance was meant as protection against floods, fire and other unexpected damage towards the building.

As usual, I gave my brief RM 116/year for RM 100k briefing in 2 minutes & it finally occurred to him that his house is currently worth RM 2 million! That does not include the items inside. However, I did explain that the RM2 million might be inclusive of the land value, thus we need to deduct that amount since the insured item is mainly the house structure & its contents.

And according to my client, even a bungalow with a guardhouse is not safe from intruders these days. So, do a check up on this matter for YOUR house.

One Response to “more on Home Insurance”
  1. Mentor says:

    Dear Nazir,

    What I want to say today is:

    “Never ever underestimate the power of one encounter”

    By sharing your knowledge here, looks like your abundance thoughts have started to attract more leads. I am happy that things are taking shape for you.

    Thanks for sharing.


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