May I do your Financial Health Check ?

The question is for you to answer.

Basically, I would like to share & put into practice the basic principles that I learned in class yesterday. This FHC will give you an overall view of your current financial situation. It can be done in depth OR it can also be done on the surface.

I will start with 8 simple questions (Yes/No answers).

After that, we will look at what you already have in place for each financial goal that you want to achieve. I’ll provide you with one simple graph of your current financial standings so that you can review & update it from time to time.

Then we move on to prioritize your financial goals & finally, I will propose the best solution to achieve those goals based on your financial capabilities within a specific time frame.

After all that is in place, I will schedule for us to meet up periodically to ensure that you are on track in obtaining your goals.
Here are the 8 (Yes/No) questions :

  1. If tomorrow your income immediately STOPS due to an illness, disablility or death, do you have enough resources to pay your monthy expenses for the next 10 years?
  2. In the event of a CRITICAL ILLNESS, do you have a fund equivilent to 5 times your annual income to cover the medical expenses?
  3. Do you have an EMERGECY FUND amounting to 10 time your annual income in place?
  4. Do you have personal MEDICAL insurance that will take care of your hospital bills?
  5. Do you insure your PERSONAL ASSETS such as your house & jewellry?
  6. If you have children, have you planned for their EDUCATION fund?
  7. Do you have problems in paying your COMMITMENTS/LOANSon time (eg: car, mortgage, credit cards) ?
  8. Have you planned for your RETIREMENT ?

If you have more NO’s than YES’s, I would be more than willing to help you out.

Please email me personally at


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