2nd Wave of Floods in Johor

I received an SMS from Dr Azlee in Segamat, Johor this morning. I quote his SMS :

“For the first time in 3 weeks, I can see the sunlight. The 2nd wave did not hit Segamat as badly as before BUT Kota Tinggi is almost gone !”

One of my cousins stays in Kota Tinggi & the last time I heard, the water was higher than the roof of his Iswara Aeroback!

Dr Azlee will be sending me a live video, depicting the recent floods. If possible, I will try to upload it to any possible location in cyberspace for all of you to download. Based on the media today, the non stop heavy rain is expected to last up to this Wednesday.

One Response to “2nd Wave of Floods in Johor”
  1. mak says:

    actually your antie n uncle went to lend a hand to the son but was caught up in the floods as well n still there now unable to get out. the last we heard of them was 2 days ago telling us that the water was still rising behind the relatives’ house they were staying …. not far from the floods .. Faizal’s car was repaired and saved this time minus the radio …. but everything else in the house … god knows…

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