Hospitalized for Food Poisoning

I had 2 appointments today involving 3 people but no, they were not the ones with the food poisoning issue.

I returned back to the office around 4PM & around 430PM, Azman received a call from one of his clients (lets just name him N for reference purposes) asking whether he could claim anything for his son who was warded at SJMC due to food poisoning. Apart from vomiting, there was the usual diarrhoea that normally accompanies food poisoning.

Under normal circumstances, even a personal accident policy (P.A.) is sufficient to cover the medical bills in this kind of situation. But of course, a medical card would be better since the amount of coverage/limit per admission to the hospital is much higher (e.g. RM 15,000 or more).

Why did N sound so worried? According to Azman, he had previously proposed the medical card to N for his son who is almost 2 years old. Its less than RM 2 per day! But being optimistic & with no major medical claim history, N postponed to take up the plan since his knew that his wife’s company provided medical benefits & he himself was going to move to another company with better medical benefits (or so he thought… N is a logistics manager)

I’m sure in any emergency situation when one of our family members need to be hospitalized, we don’t have time there & then to look up in detail the amount/types of medical benefits that our company provides.

This also applied to N. So, he immediately had his son admitted yesterday evening only to find out the shocking truth that YES, his wife’s company does provide medical benefits to the staff’s dependants but ONLY RM500 per admission!

Now, lets just say he took the cheapest room (which is very unlikely for someone at the managerial level) @ RM 88.00 per day (4 bedded, the golden suite costs RM 2,500/night, single rooms are at RM198/night) . Staying there for at least 3 nights already comes up to RM 264. Imagine if N took the single room, that alone would come up to almost RM 600.

Doctor’s consultation is roughly RM 120/visit, twice per day. Medication, lab tests, hospital services etc. So the total? Here is my guess.

  1. Room & Board – RM 198 x 3 days = RM 694
  2. Doctor’s Visit – RM 120 x 2 x 3 days = RM 720
  3. Medication = RM 500
  4. Lab Tests = RM 250
  5. Misc Charges = RM 250
  6. Govt Tax 5%

TOTAL BILL = RM 2,534.70

Now, you might argue that it might be less than that should N take the 4 bedded room & only stay there for 2 nights. I’ll agree with you but even that would BUST his wife’s company budget of the mere RM 500. Based on the simple calculation above, N would have to fork out an extra RM 2,034.70 (enough to pay for 4 years of the medical card!)

But I am writing this not to paint a bad picture on N or anyone for that matter but the lesson Azman & I learnt today was to ensure that all our clients/friends/relatives have adequate medical coverage should the need for it arise. Once again, we must never take things for granted since most of the time, all that has done is make an ass out of you and me.

So now, there are 2 medical bills that I will update you on. Both from SJMC. So, just wait and see … & if you are not sure of what your company/medical policy provides – please do so immediately.


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