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New Mercedes-Benz prices
January 29, 2007
DaimlerChrysler Malaysia has announced the latest prices for its locally-assembled (CKD) and imported CBU models. The following prices shown exclude insurance premiums:A 170 Avantgarde 1699 cc – RM183,888.00
A 170 Avantgarde (High Specs) 1699 cc – RM198,888.00
B 170 1699 cc – RM204,888.00
B 170 (High Specs) 1699 cc – RM220,888.00
B 200T 2034 cc – RM288,888.00C 200 Kompressor Elegance 1796 cc –RM238,888.00 (CKD)
C 230 Avantgarde V6 2496 cc – RM268,888.00 (CKD)
C 230 Avantgarde V6 Sports Package 2496 cc – RM288,888.00 (CKD)

CLK 200 Kompressor Coupé 1796 cc – RM488,888.00

SLK 200 Kompressor 1796 cc – RM468,888.00

E 200 Kompressor Elegance (New Generation) 1796 cc – RM353,888.00 (CKD)
E 280 Avantgarde (New Generation) 2996 cc – RM423,888.00 (CKD)
E 200 Kompressor Sports Package 1796 cc – RM398,888.00
CLS 350 3498 cc – RM679,888.00
CLS 350 (High Specs) 3498 cc – RM729,888.00
CLS 55 AMG 5439 cc – RM1,291,888.00

S 350 L-V221 (SE) 3498 cc – RM754,888.00 (CKD)
S 350 L-V221 (SEL) 3498 cc – RM828,888.00 (CKD)
S 350 L-V221 (SE) 3498 cc – RM908,888.00
S 350 L-V221 (SEL) 3498 cc – RM978,888.00
S 500 L 5461 cc – RM1,411,888.00

ML 350 3498 cc – RM504,888.00
ML 350 Sports Edition 3498 cc – RM554,888.00

R 350 L 3498 cc – RM502,888.00

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