Just in Case …

This is just a concept I learned today from a class I attended.

There are so many important things in life that we have or poses that might not be of any significance at all for the time being, thus it might even look irrelavant.We then start to question ourselves why we bought it in the first place & later on it could go into the trash one way or another.

For example, new clothes, expensive cookware, extra shoes, a collection of rings/jewellery, new power tools… ok ok.. this might all be junk.

How bout an umbrella? A spare tyre? A first aid kit? These three items might be more significant if we are in absence of them, because the consequences tend to get larger & more dangerous…

Coz without an umbrella, you’ll live but you might get a bit wet; being without a spare tyre could make you wait longer for roadside assistance & the absence of a first aid kit might just be a little more dangerous in terms of consequences compared to the rest of these items.

BUT answer this : What would happen to you without life or general insurance? How big are the consequences in your own personal capacity?
Think about it…


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